Wise people know that we all need to take responsibility for our own physical and mental health.

But frequently one important thing gets overlooked…


Yes, if you want to improve inner well being, boost your immunity and feel inspired



We want to show you how amazingly life changing, breathing can be. One of the best places to share our work is on a retreat.

Our Big Breath Retreats provide an opportunity to escape, to arrive in a place of privacy, to be close to nature and share time with a group of like-minded people. Receive guidance and facilitation to stop, pause, and let go. At the end take home wisdom and tools, that will transform the way you live your life.

“I would recommend this to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you think you need it or not. It is the most amazing experience that you will perhaps have in your life”Tze Ching Yeung Ladies retreat attendee June 2016

Reclaim Your Breath ™


Go Deeper with Transformational Breath
Personal development programme
23rd to 25th June 2017
Braziers Park Oxford
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From £450 per person
Single & shared rooms

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Reclaim Your Breath ™

Coming Soon

Relax, with Transformational Breath & Yoga
3rd to 6th Nov 2017
The Mill Retreat
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99% of people take breathing for granted

But they’re not the ones who have experienced.

Transformational Breath®

This powerful, amazing tool, is destined to become the No 1 choice for anyone who wants to dramatically improve their health.

We can teach everybody to breathe better

Because we are the experts

Our Why

We belong to a movement to improve World well being by increasing public awareness around the benefits of consciousness breath-work.

We love what we do, and want to make a difference anywhere we can, and importantly, to anyone who will listen.


Your Why

Your breath is the most powerful self healing tool you own. Do you know how to use your full respiratory system for optimum health?

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    Did you know 70% of toxins leave the body on the breath? Enjoy an oxygen detox and access a deeply relaxed state.

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    Mental & Emotional

    Declutter your mind, and integrate emotional baggage. Gain clarity & access divergent thinking.

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    Do you want to connect with your true self? Explore your inner world and transform from the inside out.

“One Transformational Breath session is equivalent to about two years of psychotherapy.” Dr. Henry Smith Rohrberg

More reasons

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    It’s the most powerful resource you own. And breathing is free! Learn how to harness this tool.

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    Longer Happier Life

    Due to better physical, emotional and spiritual health

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    Let go of the past, be more present, thrive and inspire.


Our Expertise

Years of experience in Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Biology and Yoga have taught us so much.  Working with the ‘breath’ has completely transformed our understanding.

No two people breathe alike. The quality of breath is an indicator of the quality of life. Without adequate breath, there is no health. The flow of an individual’s breath is therefore essential in issues of health. We are not born knowing how to breathe well, and often learn bad habits such as holding our breath, breathing shallowly, or hyperventilating. Shallow breathing is one of the most fundamental and instinctive behavioural reactions to emotion. Anxiety, fear, anger, guilt and sadness are all manifested in the rate, depth and facility of breathing. The depth of breath is generally an accurate barometer of tension, for it is impossible not to be relaxed and to breathe deeply at the same time.

Workshops & Practice Groups

We run regular Introductory workshops and hold monthly practice groups.


Join us in November 2016 in Normandy for our next retreat.
Open to everyone!

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Workshops & Practice Groups

Whether you’re searching for something exciting, numb with pain, lost in depression and despair, or just plain neglecting yourself, one thing you’ve probably overlooked is your breath.

Whether you’ve experienced Transformational Breath before isn’t important. Our workshops are suitable for everybody regardless of experience, age or physical fitness. We run monthly practice groups for anyone who has attended an introductory workshop.

If you’re interested in improving health and well-being then come and experience something life changing and profound.

““Feel ALIVE Experienced energy in abdomen never felt before: Came in as an 83 year old; leaving as an 18 yr old.”Fatima Bakharia Workshop Attendee

Run On Average Every 6 weeks

Transformational Breath

Introductory Workshop
For Beginners & Experienced Breathers
2pm Sun
2nd April 17


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Usually the last Saturday of Each Month

Practice Breath Circles

Breathing Circle
Prior Experience Required
11am Sat
29th April 17

Wheatsheaf Hall Community Centre

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