Reclaim Your Breath June 2018

13th to 14th July 19 (Registration Open)

The Columbia Hotell London W2 3NS

Senior Trainer Elif Clarke

Reclaim Your Breath ™ (for everyone)

What if there was a chance for you to bring more balance, energy, peace, and joy into your life? Would you not seize the opportunity to experience it?

Everyone knows that we breathe to live, that breath gives us life. However not many realise if we’re not breathing effectively then we’re not present in our bodies. Or that we use our breath to repress and suppress our emotions which can lead to illness and disease. Our breath is a key indicator of physical, emotional and spiritual health and it’s impact on our quality of life gets overlooked.

This Reclaim Your Breath weekend ~ is an opportunity for you to go deeper with this powerful self healing tool – Transformational Breath®. By consciously opening your breath you allow unconsciously held physical trauma and negative emotion, to release and integrate. This brings you better holistic health and opportunity for spiritual connectivity and growth. You will experience 4 full breath sessions over the 2 days which will take you deeper into this process. We will also share other tools with you including a morning practice.

This Reclaim Your Breath weekend is non-residential for those who find it difficult to take time away and for those who want a deeper intensive. Those who wish to escape full can book accommodation at our hosting venue The Columbia Hotel near Hyde Park in London.  Only a maximum of 20 participants can attend.

A brief insight

Reclaim Your Breath is an official Transformational Breath Programme. Discover the techniques of Breath Analysis, Body Mapping, Sound & Toning and experience twice-daily Breath Sessions. On this uplifting weekend you will reap the benefits that take place when you release restrictions in your breathing pattern.

  • Reduce stress

    Freedom from fear and access to inner resilience

  • Peace and joy

    Are available within your breath

  • Energy

    Access more physical and emotional energy

  • Awareness and acceptance

    Love and discover your true self

  • Massage

    Benefit internal organs by learning to use your diaphragm effectively

  • Improve sleep

    Let go of the past and stop worrying about the future

I was very stressed before I came here to the point I wasn’t sure how I could continue. This was just the break I needed to get off the roundabout. Thankyou xSheri Downer Retreat June 2016

Reclaim Your Breath Senior Trainer

Elif Clarke is an NHS Psychologist with over 20 years service as well as an advanced Yoga Teacher and Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator and Trainer. Her whole professional career has been dedicated to helping others. Elif is passionate about helping people to breathe better because it’s the most powerful therapy she has experienced. She travels around the world teaching Transformational Breath to different cultures and social backgrounds. In Mexico, she witnessed the impact Transformational Breath had on the lives of women prisoners. She joined Judith Kravitz recently in China where many of the participants on the personal seminar were inspired to train as facilitators.

Reclaim Your Breath Co-Trainer

Sarah Jons is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator. Sarah works with private clients in the field of addiction, fertility and depression. Her skills allow her to work deeply with subconscious beliefs and behaviours. She believes “the breath is the doorway into the subconscious and the most powerful self- healing tool we own”. Her experience of working with Transformational Breath abroad and with Judith has inspired her to create the opportunity for others here in the UK.

How do I book?

The total cost of the weekend is £275. At this stage we only require £100 deposit to hold your booking if you want to join us on this July weekend. You can pay the final balance on arrival at the weekend.

We are hoping for beautiful sunshine so we can picnic in the local park together each day.

Book My PlaceDeposit £100 on Eventbrite

What else?

Suitable for singles, couples, family members or friends. All levels of fitness and health accommodated. Whether you’ve experienced Transformational Breath before doesn’t matter.

Easy to get there, right in the heart of London, just a few minutes walk away from Lancaster Gate Tube.

Connect with like-minded people, connect with and Reclaim Your Breath over this transformational weekend.

Breathe & Go Slowly ♡

I would recommend this to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you think you need it or not. It is the most amazing experience that you will perhaps have in your lifeTze Ching Yeung Retreat June 2016